Vancouver Transit Shelters

For most of the month of November, two Vancouver transit shelters have carried this stirring ad from Stop UBC Animal Research. The ad shows a photo from inside a UBC researcher’s lab and details the type of ongoing torment she inflicts on non-human primates.  While the photo comes from a paper published a decade ago, this same researcher remains at UBC and earlier in 2012 was the subject of a BCSPCA investigation of cruelty in the deaths of at least 4 monkeys.  She has recently been elected to the executive committee of the UBC Faculty Association.  She also wrote the guidelines on primate use and restraint for her fellow UBC researchers.

In the last reporting year, more than 211,000 animals were used by UBC researchers.  Of these, more than 68,000 suffered pain and distress of the highest levels categorized by the Canadian Council on Animal Care, and at least 30 animals endured pain at or ABOVE the pain tolerance threshold of unanesthetized, conscious animals.

In the interests of public disclosure, Stop UBC Animal Research produced this ad so that British Columbians can consider whether this type of animal use is acceptable, when sophisticated and effective alternatives are in existence and research on non-human primates grows increasingly controversial even within the scientific community.

We would like to buy ad space on buses, transit shelters and elsewhere throughout the Lower Mainland – please help us with a donation via PayPal, send a cheque, host a garage sale or bake sale.  You are their only voice: it is our duty to make sure that voice is heard.