This Valentine’s, Stop UBC Animal Research Urges UBC to “Have a Heart” During “Walk for Animals”

From 2-4PM, Sunday, February 13, Stop UBC Animal Research will gather at the Inukshuk statue at the southwest end of English Bay to urge UBC to “have a heart” by ending animal experiments at the university. The walk, which will include Stop UBC Animal Research supporters and their  dogs, is being held to help the public make the connection between their beloved family animals and the animals in UBC’s laboratories. Visuals will include dogs, crowd, signs. Stop UBC Animal Research will be offering free doggy treats to all furry companions, including dogs.


WHEN: 2-4PM, Sunday, February 13


WHERE: The walk will begin at the Inukshuk statue at the southwest end of English Bay beach. The statue is located off the popular Vancouver seawall. It is near where the large trees are lit up during Christmas. Along Beach Ave near Bidwell Street. See map at:


WHY: Understandably, there has been much public outrage over the killing of 100 sled dogs in Whistler. Stop UBC Animal Research joins the chorus of voices against that senseless slaughter. From this tragedy, we hope the public will begin to make the connection between “Man and woman’s best friend” and the animals suffering in UBC’s laboratories. Each year UBC conducts thousands of experiments involving animals yet much of that research is hidden. Our dog walk along the Seawall will help raise awareness about what is happening to animals at UBC. And it is meant to spark a dialogue about how all animals among us should be treated.



*Companion dogs


*Animal advocates wearing Stop UBC Animal Research T-shirts

*Signs that read: “UBC, Have a Heart – End Animal Research,” “End all animal exploitation,” “One man killed 100 dogs in Whistler. At UBC 100,000 animals are harmed each year,” “Every animal can feel pain – Stop animal research at UBC.”