Silent Protest at a UBC Town Hall Meeting

On Monday, September 19, thirteen members of Stop UBC Animal Research staged a silent protest at a UBC Town Hall. During UBC President Stephen Toope’s presentation, our campaign held up double-sided signs that posed questions to the university official about the university’s animal research programs. The signs, some of which asked “How many animals does UBC use in research every year?” and “Why does UBC administer electro-convulsive shock to monkeys?” created quite a visually provocative action.

After the silent sign protest, members of Stop UBC Animal Research asked questions about animal research from the microphone. President Toope acknowledged that UBC has not done a good job of providing information about UBC’s animal experiments to the public.
During the question and answer period, Stop UBC Animal Research members moved to the front of the stage, unfurled our banner, displayed our eye-catching T-shirts, and stood silently in protest of UBC’s experiments on animals. It was a emotionally powerful action. Thanks to all who participated!