Principal’s Series: Reflections on Bringing the Collective Together

WHAT: A review of the groundbreaking 2011-2012 speaker series that focused on the use of animals at the university. Convenors report and reflect on pressing questions of how we govern non-human animals and their use at the university, and the challenge of critiquing governance and the university.  Stop UBC Animal Research is pleased to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Laura Janara and her students to initiate this compelling public discourse. It is important for members to engage in the dialogue.

WHEN: Tuesday October 16th 4:45pm – 6:30pm

Please arrive early as seats are quickly filled up.

WHERE: Coach House, 6323 Cecil Green Park Road, Green College, UBC


SPECIAL NOTES: Please wear your Stop UBC Animal Research T-shirt.  Members are encouraged to engage in a respectful way in a Q&A session if that is involved – please study the FAQ sheets on our website so that you are aware of alternative approaches to animal research as this is an important message to bring to the forefront.