Petition against the use of primates at the Karolinska Institute (Scandinavia)

The Karolinska Institute, located in Stockholm (Sweden),  is the last university in Scandinavia to still use primates in research.

A group of animal researchers at Karolinska Institutet have received ethical approval to conduct a series of invasive experiments on the macaque monkeys with the goal of developing a vaccine against human malaria. The Swedish researchers will infect 120 macaque monkeys with malaria parasites and then perform multiple invasive procedures on the monkeys over a period of at least one year.

All of the monkeys will be kept in cages, some with a floor area as small as two square meters. Stress and fear is imposed on monkeys used in experiments as a result of being caged, their inability to express normal behavior and separation from their family groups, something not accounted for when researchers put studies such as this into categories of severity.

Help prevent these experiments from happening. Please sign and share this petition to the Karolinska Institute calling for an end to primate research!

For more information: Visit and read a Special Report by Dr. Andre Menache outlining why the primate experiments at Karolinska Institutet are not only unethical, but also unscientific and of dubious legal standing.