Compassionate cosmetic company, LUSH, awards substantial grant to Stop UBC Animal Research

Vancouver, BC (July 12, 2011) – Today, the North American branch of the major cosmetic company, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, announced it had awarded a substantial grant to Stop UBC Animal Research – a local group dedicated to ending animal experiments at the University of British Columbia (UBC). LUSH – which has over 750 stores in over 45 countries – said it decided to fund the animal advocacy organization because the group’s efforts fit with the company’s policy against animal testing. The LUSH grant will go toward Stop UBC Animal Research’s public education and outreach campaigns and provide critical organizational support.

“LUSH is proud to provide Charity Pot funding to this groundbreaking campaign,” said LUSH’s Charitable Givings Ambassador, Pearl Gottschalk. “We believe in the importance of this campaign to further the protection of animals and to put an end to animal cruelty in Canadian Universities.”

Every year, Canadian institutions, including UBC, conduct thousands of experiments involving animals, including on pigs, mice, cats, monkeys, and others. Many of the experiments are highly invasive and painful. Most of the research is conducted with little public scrutiny. Stop UBC Animal Research has argued that animal research is at odds with Canadians’ sense of compassion. In addition, the group contends animal research can be hazardous to human health because results from such experiments are often misleading, divert resources from more effective, non-animal alternatives, and ignore the root causes of illness. 

LUSH, which has a formal policy against animal testing, says it funded Stop UBC Animal Research because the company believes animal research is both inhumane and scientifically indefensible. 

LUSH Campaigns Manager, Brandi Halls, said, “As a BC-based business, we were horrified to learn about the animal testing that was taking place in our own backyard. We hope the Charity Pot funding will help raise awareness about the unnecessary testing that is taking place at UBC and bring an end to it altogether.”

“We are grateful to LUSH for its support of our campaign and commitment to raising awareness about UBC’s experiments on animals,” said Brian Vincent, Director of Stop UBC Animal Research. “LUSH is a shining example of how companies can blend compassion with business.”

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